Full-Sublimation vs. Rubberized: Know Your Print!


“What’s the difference between rubberized and full sublimation jerseys?”

Truth be told, a lot of people are still confused with these two apparel finishes, and I’m sure you are too. In this entry, we’ll aim to answer this question in detail so that you will be more guided in choosing the right kind of jersey for you or your team.

Rubberized Jerseys

Rubberized jerseys are the traditional silk-screen printed jerseys that have been the mainstay of the apparel manufacturing industry for some time now. Rubberized jerseys often have simple designs with a maximum of three-color combinations only. They are best suited for teams looking for a budget-friendly uniform option.  The only con worth pointing out in rubberized jerseys is the design may peel or fade when scratched, hence extra care is needed to maintain their quality. 

Full-Sublimation Jerseys             

Full-Sublimation jerseys are the more modern type of print wherein the ink and fabric are literally fused together as one. This is made possible by a special sublimation printer which uses heat to transfer the ink to the fabric. The result is a permanent, full-color image that will not peel or fade when scratched. What’s more? You can have unlimited color combinations in full-sublimation printing, allowing you to come up with more creative and eye-catching designs for your apparel. As you might have guessed, full-sublimation jerseys exceed rubberized jerseys in terms of quality, and because of this, full-sublimation often comes with a more expensive price tag.  


– If you want best quality and are willing to spend extra, go for full-sublimation print.

– If you’re on a tight budget and are okay with a simple design, go for rubberized print.

We can do both.

Whether you’re looking for a state-of-the-art, pro-quality jersey or just a decent one to get you through your game, Gameville Sportswear has got you covered! We offer both full-sublimation and rubberized printing on all sports apparel. What’s more? We can fully customize your apparel to your liking. Suit up for success with us today!

Click here to view our pre-designed jerseys, which you can semi-customize with your own surname, name, and number. If you have your own design concept in mind, you may fill-out our order form here and we’ll send you a quote shortly after.

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