Panthers Jersey: From Concept to Reality


From time-to-time, we get jersey requests that are just too inspiring not to be shared. Today, we’re featuring one of such requests, which came from a junior high school student from a school in Makati. To protect her privacy, we decided not to disclose her name.

“Panthers” Jersey Concept Art by Client

Apparently, our client has a talent in drawing and was tapped by her teacher to design and conceptualize their class’ jersey for their upcoming intramurals event. She sent us a sketch of what she envisioned the jerseys to look like, a bright-colored gradient design with a white panther design.   

When she sent us her sketches, we were filled with nothing but admiration for this kid’s artistic skills and hustle. As we were impressed, we wanted to make sure that the actual jerseys were as equally impressive as her work of art. And so, our team committed ourselves to getting this request done perfectly.

Full-sublimation printing ensures premium quality jerseys.

The jerseys went through a full-sublimation printing process. Compared to the traditional silkscreen method, full-sublimation ensures premium quality jerseys. Since the design is embedded onto the fabric, it will not wear off unlike rubberized jerseys which are prone to scratches. Not only that, but this process is quick and easy, allowing us to deliver the jerseys to our client in time for their event.

Once printed, the jerseys were cut and sowed by our talented manufacturers, who are keen to spot the smallest flaws such as strings dangling out from the edges and misaligned design elements. Quality control measures were taken to ensure that the jerseys were perfect from the inside out. They were then neatly packed and delivered.

After a meticulous and thorough production process, we’re proud to present the outcome of our client’s request:

“Panthers” Jersey Actual Finished Product

The jerseys turned out great and were worn with smiles by the kids. Seeing our clients wear our jerseys with pride and satisfaction is always a pleasant experience. They seem to have bagged a lot of awards in the event. Could it be that the panthers jersey gave them a sense of teamwork and unity? We’d like to believe that it did 😊  

If there’s one thing that we’re committed to do, it’s to turn your requests into a reality. If you have jerseys design concepts that you want to be printed, no matter how bizarre it is, feel free to send it to us. Gameville Sportswear is always ready to suit you up for success.

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