Five Jersey Designs That Will Boost Your Team’s Confidence To The Next Level


“If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you do good.”

It may not seem obvious, but what you wear during the game matters too. When your jersey looks good and fits well, it’s guaranteed to make you feel confident. Sometimes, all you need is a neat and cool-looking jersey to stand out and make a statement.

That being said, here are five outstanding jersey designs that are sure to make any team look good and feel good inside the court. More than the comfortable fit and feel, the exceptional look of these jerseys will give your team the confidence needed in order to play at your best!

“Floral” Jersey Design

1. Floral – Many people think of floral as a feminine print, but that’s not always the case. Floral prints can exude toughness and vigor when done the right way. Take a look at this floral design for example. Add a tinge of floral and fauna to your get-up for instant impact.

“Galaxy” Jersey Design

2. Galaxy – Wear the stars and reach new highs with this galaxy-inspired jersey design.  All set to be an unstoppable cosmic force?

“Tribal” Jersey Design

3. Tribal – Nothing screams “symbolic” and “one-of-a-kind” louder than this tribal printed jersey design. Perhaps this could be your team’s pattern for success?

“Armor” Jersey Design

4. Armor – The only suit of armor your team needs to shine on the battlefield.

5. Minimalist – For those who aren’t into detail-heavy styles, this minimalist jersey design is the one for you. You know what they say; there is strength in simplicity.     

A winning team deserves a winning jersey design! Here at Gameville Sportswear, we print and manufacture jerseys of the utmost quality to ensure that your team looks and feels at their best. Get these designs printed for your team today and be the next court superstars!

Don’t like these five designs? We do customized printing as well, depending on your specifications and design requirements. Click here to fill-out our custom order form.

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